What is Zulutrade?

ZuluTrade is a legit trading company that operates an online and mobile social and copy trading platform. The Zulutrade Copy Trading platform allows users to copy forex traders with proven track records. In our opinion, and we have used ZuluTrade – it is worth a close look. The most useful feature is ZuluGuard, which stops following when the trader changes strategy. ZuluTrade is not a Forex Signal provider per se, the trader you copy will use their own profitable Forex trading signals.

Below you see ZuluTrade’s top Traders as well as the main statistical data of their Trading Strategy. Click to explore how this works!

Is ZuluTrade any good?

ZuluTrade has around one million users and an executed trading volume of over $800 billion. Zulutrade allows users to mimic the investing strategies of trading “experts” in forex markets. The user base is typically split into two categories: signal providers and followers. Signal providers are generally traders that have developed a strategy willing to share and can be copied by their followers. Followers can also mimic strategies of the portfolios created by other followers. Signal provider compensation fees are based on the success and popularity of their trading strategies.


The platform has several useful features, including ZuluGuard, that automatically un-follows a signal provider if their trading strategies change. Lock Trade allows users to verify the execution of a trade after the signal has been received. The website also features several social network-like features including comments and forums. The platform also has a feature called ZuluScript which allows users to create scripts that designate specific parameters as criteria for trading robots (known as “Expert Advisors”) to automatically start making trades.

What is a ZuluTrade Demo Account?

To understand the ZuluTrade copy trader better, one should open a ZuluTrade Demo account with them, which is completely free of cost. It offers the same features as a real account and there are no risks involved. This helps people to experiment with different traders, settings and combos to find the perfect combination that suits their needs before investing any actual money. Additionally, the Demo account is designed to reflect the same experience as the Real account and is fully customizable. The rates are constantly updated to mirror the market, and there is a comprehensive Stop Out level of 100%.