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What is is more than a Forex signal service. Actually, it is much more. If you are looking for a forex signal service only, check out 1000pip Builder.

ForexSignals is a popular and trusted instructional platform that provides up-to-date forex trading signals, market insights, a chatroom for traders, and one of the top forex educational programs. ForexSignals com provides much more than just forex signal indicators. They also provide strategies, advanced resources, and experienced tutors. Their inclusion of an educational part makes the service stand out from other signal providers.

They claim that over 83,000 Forex traders trust Established in 2012 by accomplished Forex merchant Nick McDonald, the concept of ForexSignals was set up in order to bring the advantages of trading rooms and networks to traders of all abilities. Even though Nick was not a business veteran, he had a distinct insight into what would be beneficial to Forex Traders. Consequently, this has resulted in a team of over 40 advisors and traders, as well as a growing trade room service that has a capability of bringing the community together with educational and analytical strategies to support Forex traders in accomplishing success in their industry.

ForexSignals is essentially a forex trading signals service, although it offers more than just guidance and data. As a global group with thousands of members, ForexSignals dedicates just as much attention to the ‘trade room’ part of their offerings, as well as the mentorship and training their specialists provide.

Every day, there are six live broadcasts that focus on the major currency areas of Asia, Europe, and the US. These sessions are supplemented by Paul’s morning scan and Mark’s daily scans. When you log into your dashboard, you will find a timer that indicates when the next live stream is due to begin.

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The emphasis on interactivity instead of passive info involves having access to professional traders 24/7, plus daily live analysis streams and other active community activities. There is also a focus on learning and comprehending Forex through a full academy and a YouTube channel packed with tips and advice.

Forexsignals com – Customer Reviews

“It should be clear that this isn’t the place for those who just want to rely on signals without doing any analysis. On this site, both mentors and the community provide signals, but they strongly advise traders to evaluate each signal and decide if it is suitable for their strategy. When I decided to join Forexsignals, I had just started trading in FX and the site helped me create my own approach, hone my trading psychology, and most importantly, learn risk management. They have a Trading Academy section with plenty of brief lessons and several tools you can download. The tools, such as indicators and a risk management EA, are useful, but they only work with the MT4 platform and the momentum meter only works with certain brokers. However, you can open a demo account with them to get around this issue.”

“Before joining ForexSignals I was awash in a sea of trades….losing money time and time again. These guys have been a tremendous benefit….more than just fellow traders, these are real people. People you can actually converse with. People you can throw questions at…mentors.
Personally I don’t believe I have even scratched the surface of all the benefits to be had from this group but I sure look forward to the future now!”