YES. DupliTrade is Legit.


What is DupliTrade?

DupliTrade is an open platform that permits you to copy the moves of experienced traders into your AvaTrade trading account – or any of the other trading platforms that work with DupliTrade. DupliTrade gives you the opportunity to upgrade your trading skills with a wide array of strategies created by skilful traders. These strategies have been chosen based on their successful past trading performance.

DupliTrade handpicks very experienced traders to be their strategy providers in order to ensure that our customers benefit from successful trading tactics! After a thorough evaluation, only the best of the best are chosen to join. Utilizing DupliTrade’s cutting-edge automated trading platform, you can quickly replicate the most successful traders’ strategies with a few straightforward steps. By doing so, you can construct and supervise a profitable portfolio in real-time.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a straightforward concept. It enables investors to mirror the trades of another trader. You decide the amount of money you want to invest, and the system will instantly replicate the trader’s moves in your account in real-time. Whenever the trader does a transaction, your account will immediately make the same move. Is copy trading better than forex signals? YES. Mostly because there is no delay in executing the trade.

DupliTrade Traders

A sample of DupliTrade Expert Traders

Why Copy Trade with DupliTrade?

DupliTrade was developed to ensure that your experience with automated trading is as straightforward as possible. Their platform enables you to easily automate your trades in your broker’s account based on the signals of expert traders, while you get to learn their strategies. DupliTrade’s staff is totally devoted to giving you top-notch service. They make sure that the strategy providers our clients select to use are qualified. Not everyone is eligible to become a DupliTrade provider. All the accounts visible on our website are the real accounts of traders who have years of profitable track record, trading with their own money.

Their top priority is to make sure you are protected. To use DupliTrade, you must create a trading account with one of our fully authorized broker partners. All the trades are transferred directly to your broker’s account, keeping you and your money as secure as possible.

DupliTrade now offers a FREE TRIAL

DupliTrade’s cutting-edge auto-execution mirroring system grants you the ability to replicate the trades of your chosen strategies by automatically placing orders in your trading account, with no added input from you. This guarantees instantaneous execution and provides access to real-time trading data and comprehensive historical records.

DupliTrade is easy to use and comprehend. We designed it for all traders, novice and experienced. It features tutorials that answer any question you can come up with, the option of manual or automated trading, and a uncomplicated interface that allows you to concentrate on what’s important – Deciding the approach you prefer to take and observing your account in motion while you gain knowledge from experienced traders is the way to go. They have a devoted customer service team that offers round-the-clock support. Even though this is an automated trading platform, they do their best to give you any help you may need.