Weekly Technical Forecast: The Dollar Tumbles and Global Equities Rally Tripping Key Technical Milestones

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Australian Dollar Forecast: AUD/USD Eyes Key February Trend Line as EUR/AUD Prolongs Reversal

Multiple bullish signs hint AUD/USD prices will reach the defining February descending trend line which is a critical turning point. EUR/AUD prices risk prolonging their bearish reversal.

Euro Forecast: Looking for Euro Breakout to Hold

On Thursday a surge of buying pushed EUR/USD beyond several points of resistance; looking for the breakout to hold support and further the euro along in the week ahead.

US Dollar Forecast: Dollar Triggers a Technical Breakdown, Will Bears Show Up?

The technical break is in. If we were going by the textbook interpretation, EURUSD’s 1.1700 neckline break would trigger further reversal of 2018’s broader trend. Unfortunately, markets are not that tidy.

Equity Forecast: Risk-On Takes Hold of SP 500, Dow, DAX, FTSE and Nikkei

It was a big week for global stocks as risk-on came back in a big way. With the end of Q3 nearing, might bulls be able to stage a ramp of continuation?

Japanese Yen Weekly Technical Outlook:

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