Weekly Technical Forecast for Dow, S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX and Nikkei

Weekly Technical Forecast for Dow, SP 500, FTSE 100, DAX and Nikkei

SP 500, Dow Jones Charts – Beware of Steep Decline Even if the Worst is Over

Global Markets Refocus Attention on Trade Wars and Brexit

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Recovery Rallies Begins to Unravel

The November recovery in equities began to sputter this week, and as I’ve been following over the past month, geographical limitations continue to apply. While stocks in the US showed a robust bullish move in the early portion of this week, a bit of trepidation remained in European bourses as the oncoming showdown between Italy and Brussels weighs heavy on market participants’ minds. Japanese stocks started the week strong, but ended with a whimper as most of the prior gains were given back to produce a doji for the week on the index.

In the US, the big point of differentiation in this week’s price action appeared to be derived from the Thursday rate decision at the Federal Reserve. Recovery

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