Weekly CoT Update for USD/JPY, Crude Oil & Other Major Contracts

CoT Highlights:

  • Large speculators added aggressively to JPY short, support near
  • Crude oil longs remain correctly bullish, 2008 t-line to test
  • Large spec profile updates for other major futures contracts

For a timelier look at sentiment in major currencies and markets, see the IG Client Sentiment page.

The latest report wasn’t action packed, as markets have been relatively tame. Dollar bullish bets continue to remain a persistent theme, whether it be against other currencies or indirectly via precious metals. JPY shorts made an aggressive one-week jump. Crude oil speculators have been very long for quite some time and also very right as price continues to wind its way higher. Could the 2008 trend-line finally threaten their stance?

Every Friday the CFTC releases a detailed report of traders’ positioning in the futures market as reported for the week ending on Tuesday. Outlined in the table below are key stats concerning the positioning of large speculators (i.e. hedge funds, CTAs, etc.). This group of traders largely employ trend-following strategies, and as such, their net long exposure typically increases in uptrends while net short positioning increases in downtrends. When analyzing the data, we take into consideration the direction

Article source: https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/technical/article/cot/2018/10/01/Weekly-CoT-Update-for-USDJPY-Crude-Oil-Other-Major-Contracts-PRtech.html