Technical Forecast for Dow, S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX and Nikkei

Equities Talking Points:

Dow and Risk Trends Deflate as Brexit and Italy Override Netflix Earnings.

Dow Jones Attempts to Build From Base of Chart Support.

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Support Begins to Show After Bearish Start to Q4

It was somewhat of an encouraging week for equity bulls, and not from anything specific that happened as much as what didn’t take place. The aggressive sell-offs from last week appeared to garner a bit of support; and while price action is far from the bullish trends that were driving US stock markets as we wound down Q3, the fact that the selling slowed while support began to show is an item of positivity after the global risk sell-off from the week prior.

Equity markets are not yet out of the woods, however, as all that’s shown at this point is a hold of support. Continued bullish price action can help to bring back those top-side trends, and below I look into a series of global

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