DAX 30 Technical Analysis – Bounce Set to End Soon

DAX 30 Technical Highlights

  • DAX bouncing off important long-term 2011 trend-line
  • Resistance ahead should soon put a cap on further strength
  • Long-term trend support may hold in near-term, but eventually break

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DAX bounce isn’t viewed as likely to last much longer

The DAX has for now successfully held the long-term trend-line dating back to 2011, and while it is lifting modestly, strength is at odds with general trend and tone considerations. Not far ahead is a small trend-line to contend with crossing over recent peaks created at the neckline of the long-term head-and-shoulders pattern.

Even if that line is breached the neckline of the HS formation is just beyond and is likely to be staunch resistance for a market that is on its heels. On a touch of either form of resistance, a shove back lower should give shorts the upper-hand again in the near-term or longer.

A push lower from either current levels or the aforementioned resistance will once again have the 2011 trend-line back in play. It is a sort

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