CoT Weekly Sentiment Update – EUR/USD, USD/JPY, Crude Oil & More

CoT Highlights:

  • Large speculators remain very long both the euro and crude oil
  • Japanese yen large speculators may be on to new trend
  • Large spec profile updates for major currencies/markets

See how sentiment ties into the DailyFX Q2 Forecasts.

The report posted on Friday did not show any significant one-week changes, but there are still notable positions in a few key markets to keep an eye on as time progresses. We have been watching the extremes in the euro and crude oil for a while now, however, they have meant little from an overbought standpoint, but remain worth keeping in mind in the event we do see a turnaround in price. Two weeks ago, large specs in the Japanese yen turned net-long for the first time since late 2016, a trend seen having potential to mature in the weeks and months ahead.

Every Friday, the CFTC releases a weekly overview of traders’ positioning in the futures market as reported for the week ending on Tuesday. In the table below are key statistics for net positioning of large speculators (i.e. hedge funds, CTAs, etc.). This group of traders are largely known to

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