Aging and Oral Health; Dental Implications for Women Explained

Aging and Oral Health; Dental Implications for Women Explained


One of the most frequent health conditions in aging women is cardiovascular disease. The condition has been observed worldwide. Based on dental assessments, an adequate delivery of comprehensive dental care is essential to curb the implications on systemic health.

Statistics show that an average American female is expected to live 80 years. Better health management, technical advances and improved screening tools have led to enhanced longevity. Typically, women in their sixties are now transitioning to new careers and use their retirement to improve the quality of their lives overall. In the USA alone, women represent the bigger part of the 65+ population. These changing demographics are almost similar across the world.

As we age, women are more susceptible to oral diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis as well as chronic systemic diseases including cardiovascular conditions. However, treatment and prevention have substantially lowered the risk of other health implications. Routinely scheduled doctor’s appointments result in early detection of many existing health conditions and proper treatment, thus, alleviating any complex issues later on. In addition,

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